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About the EU-ASEAN Forum on Food Safety & Food Logistics


A two-day event that provides a platform for food safety and food logistics experts from EU-ASEAN governments, corporations & SME’s, focusing on how the industry can tackle regulatory issues and benefit from a harmonized and increased food safety standard across ASEAN, and also the relevant issues surrounding the logistics of various types of foods.



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About the EU-ASEAN Forum on Food Safety & Food Logistics

The EU-ASEAN Forum on Food Safety 2017 is organised by the EU-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce & Industry (EUMCCI) together with Malaysia-Belgium-Luxembourg Business Council (MBLBC) & the Malaysian Dutch Business Council (MDBC).

It is co-funded by the European Union under the Support for European Business in South East Asia Markets - Malaysia Component (SEBSEAM-M). The overall aim of this project is to promote trade and investment flows between the EU, Malaysia and the wider ASEAN market, and facilitate market access, specifically for businesses.


Harmonising Food Safety Standards across EU and ASEAN

A key issue for the EU and ASEAN food industry is the lack of a level-playing field regarding policy guidelines and regulations on food safety in both regions. This non-alignment of standards acts as a technical trade barrier for both sides. Increasing and harmonising these EU-ASEAN food safety standards would directly support two key drivers of economic welfare in both regions: Trade and Public Health.


EU-ASEAN trade

A level-playing field in food safety standards would give the ASEAN food industry full and sustainable access to the lucrative EU market, giving the chance to build up long-term key competitive advantages. At the same time, EU export towards ASEAN would increase, thus supporting economic growth for both EU and ASEAN.


EU-ASEAN public health

A healthy and productive workforce is essential to stay competitive in the ever more global economy. It is crucial to invest in illness prevention rather than just on health-care. Both EU and ASEAN stand to benefit heavily from producing and importing safe food.




the alignment of ASEAN standards with international guidelines



food safety standards & removing trade barriers



a fair & open dialogue between governments & thought leaders


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